New Staking Pool for MUXE Tokens on SafeSwap Online

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new staking pool for MUXE tokens on SafeSwap Online! The pool duration is set for 2 years, with a total reward pool of 5 million MUXE tokens. Additionally, we have reduced the deposit fee to only 2% for this pool.

MUXE Token has been around for many years and is part of the backbone that created SafeSwap in 2021. Nowthat the SafeSwap Protocol (DeFi CMS) is progressing we will incorporate this within the MUXE Token project. By staking your MUXE tokens on SafeSwap Online, you can earn rewards from the MUXE reward pool while contributing to the development of this promising project.

We are excited to offer our community the opportunity to participate in this staking pool and to contribute to the growth of the MUXE ecosystem. As always, we remain committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for DeFi enthusiasts.

Best regards,
The SafeSwap Online Team

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