SafeSwap is pleased to announce a series of positive updates, which have been shared in the SafeSwap News & Updates group. The DeFi CMS is nearing completion and is almost ready for a full launch. Several examples are currently in development, including:

While there are still some issues in the core, the great news is that once these are resolved within the system, they will automatically be fixed for all partners.

For those wondering how so many sites will improve and expand the business for SafeSwap:

All these platforms are automatically managed from the SafeSwap Dashboard. As a result, we are collectively in business with these projects that set up their own “SafeSwap” through us. When new staking pools, projects, or partners join via these DeFi platforms, they will also be present on SafeSwap. This way, we are creating a large DeFi Network that truly collaborates and works together.

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