MUXE BV and XT Exchange: A Promising meetup at Blockchain Events in Dubai

MUXE BV recently met with the XT Exchange team, led by their head of listing, Shirley. This encounter occurred during the esteemed Blockchain events Token 2049 and Atlantis in Dubai. The meetings provided an excellent platform for both entities to explore synergies and potential collaborative opportunities.

Overview of the Meetup

Participants and Venue

The meetings involved key representatives from MUXE BV, including Jaimy de Vries, and the XT Exchange team, headed by Shirley. These interactions took place at two major blockchain events in Dubai, namely Token 2049 and the Blockchain Event at Atlantis. The choice of venues underscored the significance of these gatherings in the context of global blockchain events.

Purpose and Discussion

The primary aim of the meetings was to explore how MUXE BV and XT Exchange could enhance their collaboration. Discussions centered on leveraging each other’s strengths to foster mutual growth and innovation in the blockchain sector.

Key Takeaways from the Meetups

Synergy and Collaboration

The meetings underscored a strong synergy between the two teams. The discussions revealed a mutual interest in leveraging blockchain technology to drive innovation and efficiency in their respective domains.

Insights from Shirley

Shirley, the head of listing at XT Exchange, played a pivotal role in the discussions, sharing valuable insights into the complexities of Centralized Exchange (CEX) markets. Her expertise and knowledge were instrumental in highlighting new perspectives and opportunities within the CEX landscape.

Impact on MUXE BV

Jaimy de Vries, representing MUXE BV, found the meetings particularly enlightening. The wisdom imparted by Shirley led to a significant shift in his views regarding the potential of CEX markets. This shift could steer future strategies and collaborations for MUXE BV in the blockchain industry.

Future Prospects

Strategic Collaborations

Following the productive discussions, MUXE BV is exploring various ways to deepen its cooperation with XT Exchange. This might include joint strategic partnerships, or other collaborative efforts that could benefit both entities in the long run.


The meetings between MUXE BV and XT Exchange in Dubai were not only fruitful but also marked the beginning of what could be a significant partnership in the blockchain arena. As both teams continue to explore and expand their collaborative efforts, the future looks promising for innovative solutions and expanded growth in the CEX markets and beyond. This engagement highlights the importance of connections and wisdom in shaping the dynamics of the blockchain industry.

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