MUXE BV Strengthens Ties with Tron and JustMoney Teams on a Memorable Yacht Tour in Dubai

In an extraordinary networking event, MUXE BV had the unique opportunity to connect with the Tron Blockchain and JustMoney teams aboard a private yacht in Dubai. Although Tobias Silver from Just Money couldn’t attend due to his commitments at the Tron After Party, the event was a resounding success, fostering stronger relationships among the teams.

The Yacht Experience

Setting and Atmosphere

The private yacht, courtesy of an invitation from Tobias Silver, provided a luxurious setting for the gathering. As the yacht cruised around Dubai, it offered stunning views and a perfect backdrop for in-depth conversations and bonding among the attendees.


The event was attended by key figures from JustMoney, including Jerry, Alexey, Sal and Line, as well as Steven G. Bischoff from the Tron Blockchain Business Development Team. Their presence ensured a rich exchange of ideas and insights, deepening the understanding and collaboration between the different entities.

Impact of the Meeting

Enhanced Synergy

The relaxed and exclusive setting of the yacht allowed for open and candid discussions, leading to an incredible synergy among the teams. This unique environment facilitated deeper connections and a shared vision for future collaborations.

Strengthened Relationships

The yacht tour proved to be an effective way to solidify relationships between MUXE BV and its partners at Tron and JustMoney. The informal setting allowed individuals to connect on a personal level, paving the way for more robust professional ties.

Special Guest Appearance

Introduction of Robby from Kommunitas Launchpad

An additional highlight of the yacht tour was the presence of Robby from Kommunitas Launchpad. His participation brought a fresh perspective to the discussions, adding depth to the conversation about blockchain initiatives and collaborative projects.

Contribution to the Dialogue

Robby shared insights from his experiences with Kommunitas Launchpad, offering valuable lessons on project launches and community building in the blockchain space. His contributions were particularly appreciated as they provided practical examples and strategies that could be leveraged by all attending parties.

Potential for Broader Collaboration

Robby’s presence underscored the potential for a broader collaboration involving Kommunitas Launchpad. His interactions with the teams from Tron, JustMoney, and MUXE BV sparked interest in exploring joint ventures that could benefit from Kommunitas’s expertise in launching and scaling blockchain projects.

Future Collaborative Potential

The discussions aboard the yacht highlighted several areas where Tron Blockchain, JustMoney, and MUXE BV could collaborate more closely. The teams left with a commitment to explore these opportunities further, ensuring the future cooperation could bring fruitful outcomes for all parties involved.


The yacht event hosted by Tobias Silver, although he was absent, was a pivotal moment for MUXE BV, Tron Blockchain, and JustMoney. It not only provided a spectacular setting to foster relationships but also ensured that the synergy between these teams was stronger than ever. As they continue to explore their strengthened connections, the potential for innovative collaborations in the blockchain space looks more promising than before.

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