Techrate Audited SafeSwap Online

What influence would blockchain technology, which has been regarded by many as a cultural paradigm shift, have on the traditional audit and assurance process as it moves beyond simply another buzzword?

An audit is no exception, and numerous potential benefits may be realized in the audit process as blockchain technology becomes more widely adopted. Hence it is necessary to get your crypto audited by a blockchain.

For those who are not well aware of this technology, let’s talk about blockchain? In its most basic form, A blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores the essential data for every transaction that has ever been executed.

To our latest updates, Safeswap online was audited by Tech rate. Please continue reading to find out more about the Techrate audit and its benefits.

About Techrate:

They are a group of engineers and analysts that specialize in blockchain technology and business analytics and have extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. Their core team is well-known for its market reports from the 2017-2018 bull market and technical project appraisal.

They began as an Audit & Development business for smart contracts at the outset of the ICO rush and have since expanded their experience to market research and exchange analytics, project security, and technical value.

Purpose Of Auditing Through Techrate:

SafeSwap online realized the worth of Techrate, and hence SafeSwap online was audited. The implementation of regulations aimed at improving market transparency, particularly in electronic trading and trade execution processes, has come under increased criticism.

In this article, we provide a unique approach to a complicated problem that must be handled in the context of trade audit reporting, as mandated by current financial rules. Auditing, or the inspection of financial transactions, has long been an essential element of market regulation.

Proving the order of events and determining who took action in each occurrence is critical to ensuring that the markets operate orderly, free of disruptions and additional risk to the markets.

Why Safeswap Online Chose Techrate For Auditing:

·        Safe & Secure

When creating for their clients, they thoroughly examine the smart contracts using a line-by-line 2-stage audit and cover the smart contracts with tests.

·        Quick:

Fast audit reports with advice on repairing problems and minimizing risks are supplied in 10 hours to 5 days.

·        Affordable

They provide a free express audit that analyses the code for numerous issues. A thorough line-by-line manual audit, on the other hand, is a paid service; but, because we fully employ our developers, we can keep audit rates reasonable.

This partnership has been very beneficial for SafeSwap online.

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