SWAP Has Been Approved For The Listing On Hunt Coins

The bitcoin business tends to attract the interests of the public, appraisal, and implementation. All need powerful APIs while developing apps and conducting crypto research. Crypto information is a significant commodity that can be used to make trades, conduct analysis, and improve your company’s transparency.

It might be challenging to know where to begin when so many bitcoin data APIs to choose from. The ideal cryptocurrency API depends mainly on your requirements, notably the computer program you intend to use.

Most APIs allow accessibility to cryptocurrency pricing APIs; consequently, Hunts Coin, which provides more than just rates, such as social data, may be worth considering. Hunt Coins and SafeSwap online teamed up to put their vested claims in context. Hunt Coins now includes SafeSwap Finance!

Before we get into their cooperation, let’s look at Hunt Coins. Continue reading to learn more.

Hunts Coin

Hunts Coin is a website that rates cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges based on various factors, including market capitalization numbers, infographics, and articles explaining Blockchain basics.

It examines how well-known cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, SafeSwap Online, and others fare. The list of cryptocurrencies is sorted by their current market capitalization, updated in real-time. All Cryptocurrencies are included on Hunts Coin, together with their prices, market capitalizations, charts, and statistics.

KYC Service by Hunt Coins

Hunt Coins is confirming the project team’s identity. The process of validating the project owner is known as Know Your Customer (KYC). Hunt Coins work together to make the crypto community’s world a safer place! But how does it work?

The project’s owner supplies them with personal identification documents. After verification, Hunt Coins issues a KYC sticker and a certificate to the project. If the business owner defrauds investors, their true identities will be revealed.

Hunt Coins Audit Service

The HuntCoins Audit Service is a service that verifies the security of a smart contract. Audits provide a sense of safety and dependability to society.

Safeswap Online And Hunt Coin

Safeswap online is a decentralized trading platform that allows users to swap coins. By providing information about the token, Hunt Coin helps consumers to engage with other cryptocurrencies. Safeswap Online was recently added to their website, which helped the token gain popularity and raised its price. Vote for SafeSwap Online so that more people may become involved with the initiative!

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