SafeSwap will soon introduce SafeNFT to SafeSwap

First of all we like to announce that the past 2 months (even before SafeSwap Online) was already released we started talking with an additional blockchain developer who has been involved in several blockchain projects over the past few years and was even involved as a developer for the ArtByte coin many years ago.

This developer will be in charge of the preperation of the SafeNFT part of the platform.

SafeNFT will be properly integrated inside SafeSwap Online and users can connect the exact same way to SafeNFT as that they are connecting to SafeSwap, SafeEarn or one of the other features on SafeSwap Online.

Meanwhile the lead developer of SafeSwap Online is still finalising the additional staking methods of SafeSwap.

We will keep you posted with more information soon.

This design is a simple mockup based on existing examples, Our final designs will be sligthly different from this

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