SafeSwap Staking Introduction

About The SafeSwap Online Platform
SafeSwap Online™ is a decentralized trading protocol that allows different types of cryptocurrencies to be swapped. The SafeSwap protocol is a secured and Smart Contract based application that interacts directly with metamask, trust wallet or several other third-party wallets.With a strong belief in privacy and freedom, there was a need for a low-entry and self-listing swapping protocol that would protect the users and help them achieve their interests. Our Team believe we have met that need.

Decentralized Trading Protocol
SafeSwap Online cryptocurrency trading platform is a tool that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies safely and quickly with no delays. SafeSwap empowers liquidity providers and traders to connect in a financial environment that is accessible to everyone with compatible wallets such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, Wallet Connect, SafePal and Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

SafeVault | SafeEarn | safeStake

The SafeSwap Platform offers multiple solutions for projects that want to add a staking solution to their token. By supporting multiple staking mechanisms on our platform, we have the possibility to provide a staking method for every token type that is currently available on the Binance Smart Chain.

About The SafeSwap Online Platform
SafeSwap Online is the first staking platform that provides listed token with their own unique staking page on SafeSwap Online. Provide your token holders with a variety of staking pairs to either stake your token or receive your token.

We also provide the option of custom Liquidity Staking for tokens that have a built-in mint function that has not yet been renounced.

SafeSwap StakeBox
A StakeBox is a separated webpage that contains all the staking pairs of your token specifically. This means that the holders of a specific token can be redirected to a webpage that only contains the staking pairs of that particular token.

This allows investors of a specific token to have a clear overview on the staking pools that they can enter as well as anticipate what their reward will be in return.

We also provide the ability for projects to purchase an APK and IPA output for Android and IOS. Your token will then have its own custom Staking app for all mobile devices.

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