SafeSwap is All Ready to Collaborate with InpulseX For Staking Pools

The world of cryptocurrency is getting bigger with every passing day. If you are into crypto and digital assets, you will be well aware of SafeSwap due to its huge popularity and success. Yet, a positive outcome is about to come in the world of cryptocurrency as SafeSwap is partnering with Inpulse X.

SafeSwap is set to get bigger as it joins hands with Inpulse X over their staking pool project. The collaboration between the two companies will bring a new change in the world of digital assets that we discuss in this article. Before that, let’s dig into a little information about both companies.

A little Intro About InpulseX

Inpulse X is taking a huge lead globally with its blockchain community. The company was born when Elon Musk started his mission to make humans a multi-planetary species. Elon’s mission inspires the ideology of Inpulse X. The primary goal of Inpulse X is to make humans a multi-planetary species, and provide its support to humankind to make it happen.

Inpulse X is one of the biggest supporters of blockchain cryptocurrency and digital assets. The world evolves every day, and technology is getting better than ever. The Founder and team of Inpulse X support the mission of becoming multi-planetary humans with full passion and enthusiasm. Isn’t it amazing!

Now, you might be thinking about how Inpulse X will make it possible? What is Inpulse X doing to make it happen? The Inpulse X is the house of an ambitious team. The team planned to leverage technology through their digital currency token, $IPX, to provide support for the colonization of Mars. 28% out of the total stake is allocated to support the mission.

Now, as the NFTs are getting famous, the $IPX community will also benefit from it. The Inpulse X provides a remarkable service to its customers on their blockchain. New token builds $IPX is a token exclusively built for the incredible Plus Chain especially focused on energy efficiency, low fees and quick transactions. What else do customers want?

  • Token Symbol: InpulseX (IPX)
  • InpulseX (IPX) Total Tokens for Presale: 10,000,000,000,000 IPX
  • InpulseX Whitelisted Community PreSale Pool: 6,000,000,000,000 IPX

A Little Intro About SafeSwap

If you want to exchange and trade your money safely and efficiently, you must choose SafeSwap. SafeSwap is an excellent choice due to its remarkable customer service. SafeSawap means swapping money and digital assets easily and safely in just a few clicks.

SafeSwap Online started in 2021, and since then, they haven’t stopped. The company is a decentralized exchange platform getting bigger and better every day. Currently, the company is collaborating with many other brands and companies to work efficiently.

The primary aim of SafeSwap is to become the first fully decentralized exchange platform. SafeSwap Online provides its customers with many amazing services, such as collectables that can be redeemed easily. If you want to trade money and digital currency to avoid any scam, try SafeSwap once, and there will be no going back.

SafeSwap and InpulseX Collaboration for Staking Pool

If you are familiar with how SafeSwap Online works, then it will be a simple move to earn a staking incentive. Until now, SafeSwap has launched a few staking pools through its platform. For this purpose, SafeSwap joined hands with Inpulse X on their staking pool project. Before that, it is very important to understand how staking pools work.

Staking pools work on the principle that multi-stakeholders can pool their resources into a staking pool to lessen the chances of rewards. Stakeholders pool their staking power to verify and make new blocks validate. This will help them increase their chances to win more block rewards. 

Currently, SafeSwap is collaborating with Inpulse X to supply 0.25% over a staking pool project. SafeSwap has a list of different staking pools, such as NFT Staking Pool, Meda Staking Pool, VICE Staking Pool and BPRCY Staking pool.

Final Words

SafeSwap Online is an excellent platform to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets. They are now about to collaborate with Inpulse X over their staking pool project. This collaboration will bring a positive change in the world of digital assets. SafeSwap Online is the best app for liquidity pools, so check them out!

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