🔵 SafeLegends NFT on BSC LIVE ⚪️

It has been a long wait but we have finally launched the SafeLegends NFT Series. The SafeLegends NFTS are a part of the SafeLegends blockchain based video game and can be used to unlock unique game content, character improvements and play 2 earn battle.

The SafeLegends NFT series contain all SafeLegends heroes. Users can mint these NFTS at Safeswap.online.

We are launching the SafeLegends on 3 different blockchains and are aiming to expand this to other networks in order to become a multi-blockhain compatible video game.

Starting today you can mint SafeLegends NFTS in order to prepare for the SafeLegends game and to support ongoing development progress.

The future of SafeLegends starts today.


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