🔵 RTDOGE Staking Pool is Live ⚪️

Stake asset: RTDOGE Earn RTDOGE
Reward Pool: 50,000,000 RTDOGE
Pool Period: 180 days
Pool End: Sunday, May 21, 2023

RetroDoge (previously known as 8BitDoge) is going to launch a staking pool on SafeSwap upcoming Friday. An amazing game is being developed and SafeSwap is proud to be an official staking pool partner.

About RetroDoge
A monument to the times when games were simple and things just worked right – the golden 90s with its SNES consoles, arcades and 16bit games.

The RetroDoge NFTs will be in line with the retro theme of the game with each having a unique look and attribute combination, same as before.

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