🌕 Introducing the SafeSwap Community Staking Pool – 365 Days of Borz Token Rewards! 🌕

Dear SafeSwap Community,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the SafeSwap Community Staking Pool, a remarkable opportunity for our community members to participate in the Borzoi Inu ecosystem and earn incredible Borz Tokens!

Staking Pool Details:

📅 Duration: 365 days of staking goodness!
💰 Maximum Stake: Up to 5,000 Swap Tokens per participant.
🏆 Reward Pool: Enjoy a low APR flexible pool with no hidden fees other than gas fees for entering or exiting the pool.
🚀 Reward: A grand total of 1,000,000 $BORZ tokens up for grabs!

🕑 Pool Starts: 13:00 PM
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 📆

🐾 Why Stake with SafeSwap? 🐾

SafeSwap, the cornerstone of the DeFi world, is now bringing you an exclusive opportunity to join the Borzoi Inu journey and earn Borz Tokens. Borzoi Inu, also known as Wolfgang the Borzoi, is the first of his kind, ruling the crypto world with his legendary long snout. Born on Jan 23rd, 2023, he has stretched his influence across two chains, the Binance Smart Chain and Grove Chain.

Long Snout Watch: Wolfgang’s vision is to create the ultimate platform, Long Snout Watch, which will redefine how crypto projects are monitored for both price movements and security. It’s a game-changer in protecting new crypto investors from scams and fraudulent schemes.

As Wolfgang’s snout extends its reach to more chains and platforms, he remains dedicated to fulfilling the prophecy – “He will bite the moon.”

Join the SafeSwap Community Staking Pool today and be part of this incredible journey as we embark on 365 days of staking, rewards, and the pursuit of a safer crypto world. Stake, earn, and become a part of the legend!


Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from SafeSwap. 🚀🌕🐶

Disclaimer: Staking involves risks, and the APR may vary. Please do your own research before participating.

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