Announcement: Significant Enhancement of Swap – BNB LP Reserve

🚀 Great News for the SafeSwap Community! 🚀

We’re excited to share a major development in our liquidity pool’s stability. In a recent strategic move, we’ve successfully sold reserve tokens equivalent to 30 BNB in value. The proceeds from this sale have been directly allocated to the Swap – BNB LP Reserve.

But that’s not all! Alongside this, we’ve also added an additional 34,500 (3.5% total supply) which currently equals 8000 usd in Swap tokens to the reserve. This substantial infusion significantly bolsters the liquidity and overall stability of the total Swap liquidity pool.

This action represents a major milestone in our commitment to ensuring a robust and secure trading environment for our users. By enhancing the liquidity pool, we aim to improve transaction efficiency and provide a more stable trading experience.

For those interested in the specifics, you can view the transaction details on BSCScan: Transactions

Thank you for your continued support as we move forward in strengthening our platform and community. Stay tuned for more updates and developments!

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