🔵 Suggest a name for the game ⚪️

We are reaching out to our lovely community to help us think of a good name for our play2earn game with NFT’s, Tokens, Tournaments with real prizes and more.

We have been stuck on finding the next level name for the game and we are looking for as much suggestions as possible.

The winner with the suggestion that we like most will receive 250 SWAP Tokens. You can be as creative as you want with the name. Similar games to this are games such as super mario, megaman, and other sidescroller nintendo-like games.

Win 250 SWAP
Add #SuggestName to each suggestion

post this in https://t.me/safeswap_online with #SuggestName and have a chance to #win 250 $SWAP (70 USD worth) You got to be in it to win it

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