#Dapp pertama yang akan menggunakan API info token RapidsWallet adalah Safeswap.Online

Token apa pun yang kami tambahkan informasinya di dalam Rapids Wallet juga akan melihat informasi dan logo tokennya di platform safeswap.online

SafeSwap telah setuju untuk segera mengintegrasikan Rapids Wallet

This means that we will support the Wallet Connect gateway to support Rapids Wallet holders to connect directly with the SafeSwap Online DeFi Trading, Staking protocol and other functionalities that will pair-in in the future.

We are very excited about the integration of the Rapids Wallet API and strongly believe that this will open doors for both SafeSwap as Rapids.
BRPD will also be listed as a currency on the SafeSwap trading protocol and therefor users will be able to find the BPRD currency simply by searching for RPD, BRPD or Rapids.

We have also discussed the possibilities of enabling staking pairs for BRPD and will announce more about it when the Rapids team is ready for a staking mechanism at different pools for BRPD.

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