🔵 SafeSwap has just launched 2 new MEDA > MEDA Staking Pools ⚪️

Participate in the new MEDA Staking pools on SafeSwap Online.
The previous MEDA > MEDA pool is still running but has been at the limit of participation within 4 hours of time.

The 2 new pools have been prepared in a way that should provide the best benefit of all pools that we released so far.
The new MEDA > MEDA staking pools have two different pool types:

Pool 1:

1,000,000,000 total stake size:
Max per persoon: 5.000.000 (5 million)

Deposit fee: 5%
Reward Pool Size : 100,000,000 MEDA

Pool Lenght : 90 days

People That were in the first MEDA to MEDA pool and missed the second pool are compensated by this pool
If you are or did stake in the MEDA > MEDA pool of 30 days that is currently still running then you will not be whitelisted in this pool.

Pool 2:

375,000,000 Total stake size
max per person: 100,000

deposit fee 5%:
Reward pool: 37,500,000 MEDA

Pool Length 365 days

Participation in this pool has no whitelisting included every participation will pay the default 5% Tax rate.

SafeSwap has bought another 500 Trees in the name and honor of MEDABOTS.IO | MEDA

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