🔵 SafeSwap has bought 500 extra Trees due to MEDABOTS ⚪️

The Medabots team keeps surprising us with amazing results and are helping us to keep growing our followers base and come across new people to collaborate with.
Though we have not been able to verify it yet we are certain that the people from Medabots are mentioning us one way or another in the amazing journey that Medabots has had over the past few weeks.

We are true believers in the Vision of the Medabots project and adopted them on SafeSwap from the very first day. Since SafeSwap is aiming to purchase trees and contribute to other causes that will give back to the people or the environment we are always making sure to do this through out the name of our partners as well.

We bought our third batch of 500 Trees in name of the Medabots Project and have now bought a total of 1500 trees throughout the name of MEDABOTS.IO

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