🔵 New Staking Pool Stake MEDA Earn SWAP ⚪️

We have just released a new staking pool for MEDA SWAP. We created this pool as a thank you to the Medabots team for all their support and dedication towards SafeSwap.

Total reward size:
3500 SWAP

Max Stake Amount per user:
2,000,000 MEDA

Max Stake Amount in Total:
150,000,000 MEDA

Staking Fee:
3,5% from your MEDA Deposit


Total Supply of SWAP
1 Million Tokens

Current value of Swap 05/11/21

Additional SWAP Staking pools:
Stake SWAP Earn SWAP ( 5% of the total supply allocated over 2,5 Years)

Stake SWAP BNB LP Earn SWAP ( 15% of the total supply allocated over 10 years).

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